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GSFF EST. 2017

If the vision matters, the journey matters.



take a scroll down memory lane with us


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What a start to the GSFF season!

What a fabulous day at the magnificent Technopolis City of Athens!

What a way to introduce the latest addition to the GSFF portfolio!


The inaugural Gimme Shelter Open Air Fest took place on a warm September day and set the city center on fire!

Our open air party had it all:

Lazy Man's Load who took their hometown by storm with their groovy sound and on stage antics. 


Thrash Metal dynamos Nervosa with their pure girl power, fresh from their world festival tour and a new release. 

The legendary Firewind premiered new material from their upcoming studio release at their biggest ever show in Athens! A massive show and a jaw dropping performance that will go down in the books.   

Last, but definitely not least, our GSFF Nation who came out in their numbers to celebrate the opening of the GSFF season.

Come October it was time for

Gimme Shelter Film Festival by AMSTEL!

All hyped and vibing we're back at Gagarin for 3 super cool Mondays with 3 massive firsts and a star-studded line up led by the legend that is Steve Wynn.

Shoutouts to AMSTEL, for making all this possible and making sure we never ran out of beer!    

This edition of GSFF was a journey through the decades, cultures and movements that defined and shaped music as we know it.

First stop the 80s in LA with legendary

The Dream Syndicate, followed by Total Thrash and the bleak German landscape that nurtured a Thrash Metal scene that became a global phenomenon.  


November took us back to the 60s and the Pacific Northwest, with BOOM! A film about the ever so iconic and influential, if somewhat underrated, Punk Rock  pioneers, The  Sonics.


GSFF is committed to film, music and people.

And this edition was dedicated to all those who fight for their rights and claim their position in every aspect of life.



This goes out to you all , GSFF Nation,

who make our Mondays so f'n cool!


To the filmmakers, Emiel Spoelder, Daniel Hofmann and Jordan Alberten, who trusted  us with their work, shared  these moments with us and came along in this year's  journey!


And to the artists who each Monday blew

the roof off:

Steve Wynn, thanks s for blessing our stage on opening night with your late night acoustic show and an amazing Q&A.

AMKEN; The Acid Visions, you rule!




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