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Gagarin 205 Live Music Space 

     16, 23 October & 06, 13 November 

Mondays are cool again! 


GSFF is back! This October and November. 

At the usual place: Gagarin 205.

Always on time for our annual rendez-vous.    

4 special nights, dedicated to The Dream Syndicate and The Sonics, the real story of the German Thrash Μetal scene, and the Story of a Revolution.  

From the social and musical revolutions of the 60's and the 80's and their pioneers, all the way to the music and society of today, this GSFF edition is dedicated to those who fight for their rights and claim their position in all aspects of life.


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How Did We Find Ourselves Here?

Greek Premiere 

Director: Emiel Spoelder

Live on stage: Steve Wynn 

Guests: Steve Wynn; Emiel Spoelder

Venue: Gagarin 205 

Date: 16 October 2023

Steve Wynn returns to his beloved Athens 

for GSFF Opening Night!  

The 2023 Edition of GSFF kicks off with the Greek Premiere of  "How Did We Find Ourselves Here?".  

A documentary about The Dream Syndicate; one of the most popular bands among Greek fans.


Steve Wynn will be joining us for a Special Acoustic Performance and a Q&A with filmmaker Emiel Spoelder and writer Efi Papazachariou.


Another GSFF Opening Night for the ages!


Boom: A Film About The Sonics 

Greek Premiere 

Director: Jordan Albertsen

Live on stage: The Acid Visions

Guest: Jordan Albertsen

Venue: Gagarin 205 

Date: 06 November 2023 

GSFF proudly presents, for the first time in Greece, the untold story of the rise, disintegration and the most unlikely of reunions, of one of rock and roll’s most influential bands. A reunion that offered us unforgettable live memories, on the same stage that will host filmmaker Jordan Albertsen and opening act The Acid Visions.

The Sonics are the true unsung heroes of Rock and Roll and one of the only reasons (some) music doesn’t completely suck today. 

Jordan Albertsen's BOOM is big, bold and badass. Just like the band itself. 

The Sonics return to their favorite stage and this is their definitive story! 


Total Thrash - The Teutonic Story 

Greek Premiere 

Director: Daniel Hofmann

Live on stage: AMKEN

Guest: Daniel Hofmann

Venue: Gagarin 205 

Date: 23 October 2023

The Greek premiere of Daniel Hofmann's,

"Total Thrash - The Teutonic Story" is coming to GSFF!

The definitive story of a metal sub-genre born in the Ruhr valley that got to conquer Europe, the world and, of course, Greece!

Thrash Metal pioneers, members of Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Tankard and many other bands Greek metal fans came to love; those who defined the genre and keep it alive and kicking, writing new chapters to this day, are coming to GSFF to tell their story!

Filmmaker Daniel Hoffmann will be joining us for a live Q&A whilst local thrashers AMKEN, one of the most popular bands out there, will kick off proceedings.

Don't miss this for the world! 


AKOE/AMFI: A Story of A Revolution 

GSFF Special Closing Night 

Director: iosif Vardakis 

Live Act: tba

Guests: tba 

Venue: Gagarin 205 

Date: 13 November 2023 


Each GSFF Closing Night comes with lots of surprises. And this year, on a night curated by the film's producer and GSFF powerhouse Marina Danezi, anything goes! 


Directed by Iosif Vardakis, "ΑΚΟΕ-ΑΜFΙ" is the Story of A Revolution demanding the right to existence; the right to happiness; the right to love. 

A story about a group of people who, back in 1977, founded the first LGBTIQ+ movement in Greece, as a point of reference for a community that had just started to take shape and form. 

A story with the magnificent original score by K.BHTA!  

ΑΚΟΕ-ΑΜFΙ opened Athens Pride 2023 and received the Fischer Audience Award at the Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival 2023.

This is one of the top domestic productions of 2023 and it's coming to GSFF!  

More details soon.



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